Tuesday, November 29, 2011

todays art class (holmes)

Today in art we were messing around.Also we still got work done. So we had a hard time at art in the first place,but it was fun.Well at least we still had fun and did beautiful art work.We worked on our portfolios. Some of us did our own, some of us copied each other.This is James and Devontae!

The artists are getting more comfortable diving in when they are given little instruction.
 (They still ask permission a few times to make sure - "Can I write my name? I can draw anything? ANYTHING?")

We put the self-portrait photos in adhesive-backed CD-sleeves, so they'd
stay protected and could be placed anywhere in the book. 

Kids at both Lee and Holmes love to write!
(The gel pens and black paper don't hurt!)

I think we have Color Theory down!

Christopher's new mohawk, birds-eye view.

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