Monday, November 7, 2011

Check In with the "Rockstars and Divas" at Holmes

MAKAI  B: I’m 8 years  old I like  to  draw.
I am 8 years old and I like drawing. Today the first thing we did was talk about color theory. We got our colors and water ready. We needed blue red and yellow and those are the primary colors. Then we started making all new colors! We started making new colors like orange, purple, dark red, and we made a new color called black flamingo! Then we made a color wheel for our class. Then we cleaned up and went home! BYE      THE END
Today our "art studio" had some lighting problems and went dark... but there's no putting off PAINT! So our second group managed to get down to work on the floor of the hallway - I'm so proud that they pulled that off. This was several kids' first time using this kind of paint - at age 7. Yes, we will be doing lots more! And now... a tutorial.

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