Monday, November 7, 2011

Video: First-time Painters at Lee Academy

This is a group of lovable, sharp, and kind Kindergarteners I visit on Wednesdays. While my approach to introducing fun materials like paint in a "precious" way may seem like a bit of a drag, see for yourself: it honors and builds on the magical nature ascribed to MOST things by this amazing age group. It also sets care-full and mindful habits with these special materials that last -  enriching every encounter with paint afterwards. Just check out these artists after completing one round of turn-taking with the paint. 
I love the peer-teaching when a renegade painter is the first to veer from the pattern! I think letting the kids problem solve together like that is a great way for them to learn, while developing social skills. Many children who feel respected will self-regulate more than one might think, when given chance - this group is truly ahead of the curve in that regard. 
 (...Add yet another made-up art-time song to my repertoire...hey, whatever works!)

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  1. You see many fingers touching the "wet" paint here - actually the paint is very fast-drying and has a fantastic grainy texture. Several students in this group are autistic and frequently keep themselves engaged through continuous touching, smelling, etc.