Thursday, November 10, 2011

Lee artists breakthrough with watercolors...

Hi my name is Luis and we were painting whatever we wanted on thick paper. Miss Bridget said don't draw but experience the paint like mixing the colors together to make new colors.

Hi my name is Antonio and today in art we painted whatever we want. I did a car and I cropped it down to a tiny picture. The way I was able to do it was from learning about composition last time. We did the artwork on thick paper for the paint. We had lots of fun in our class of art with Ms. Bridget!

Never under estimate the difference a space makes. I finally figured out a workable, comfortable set-up of the collection of tables and chairs in our room in the Lee School, cleaned up, bought some "fancy" colored rags, sponges, and magnets for drying/display... and we have a CD player (thanks Ms. Laurie!). Today we painted to Keith Jarrett. Students at both schools are digging that and remark on their own how much better art class is "now that we get focused".  Kids came a long way creatively,  in just 20 minutes - starting out with 8 versions of the same painting, to the last image in the video - two kids at the same table, with paintings that show entirely different styles. That's a big deal!  You also hear and see the deliberate choices artists made about either working alone or socially.  (In the first group, you could hear a pin drop for most of the session!) Lots of smiles, hugs, praise for each other's work, and high fives this week.  Can't wait for next week!

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