Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Moving on to the Next Project with "the Sharks" at Holmes School.

Hey my name is Kianna. I am 8 years old and I'm in 3rd grade. I like to just draw what comes in my head. I am a good artist. We made a poem and a journal. We used markers, color pencil and crayons to write what you want and listen to your surroundings and your crowds and to think of your own ideas. Think with your own brain! Thank you for reading or just leave us a comment. See you next time with the Sharks, bye!
S'up my name is Taria (also the Mighty Sharks). I am in third grade and I am 9 years old. I like to be creative. I am an artist. We started our own journals with markers colored pencils and crayons.
Something I'd like to teach you is to make something new like if you mess up on a straight line make it into something new. Thank you for reading our blog and keep reading it every night and leave us a comment please. See you next time, bye.
This week the artists got their photographs - one copy to take home, and one to put in their new journal. Some of them have not yet seen the blog, but as you can see, are still excited about being chosen to write the post. Those that saw it last night were excited and intrigued to see the Lee students sharing their experiences. Needless to say, the slideshow caused probably the biggest commotion ever in their library (where the computers are).
Today I turned the lights off (lots of sunlight in the room we use), passed out some blankets and clipboards for those who prefer to work on the floor or off by themselves (as disclosed in their Artist's Bio), and played some Keith Jarrett on a borrowed CD player. Artists used a template to write an "I am" poem. We talked a little bit about repetition and using as few words as possible, and about what "literally" actually means. I'm going to propose we combine our words into one big piece. The kids have really hung in there through the non-messy stuff... I think we're finally ready to bust out the big paper and paint, now that I've got things (the space, timing, kids) a bit figured out! - Bridget

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