Monday, March 26, 2012

Shadow puppets

PRVIET! That’s HELLO in Russian. My name is Mason Houston and I’m 7 and a half and I go to the Oliver Holmes School.  My favorite part about art is that we do fun things like make puppets! Today we made shadow puppets . You  can use any material to make them! The puppets usually have joints and then you put them on sticks to make them move. You put them behind a giant piece of paper and shine a light on them to cast a shadow.

Today when I came into art I was working on a fortune teller. This is my own project that I’m working on. I’m using construction paper and markers to make it.

Dossvedanya! (BYE in Russian)

We started this project with me showing my photo album from my visit to China several years ago. I went to rural China to meet a female shadow puppet maker, and while showing pictures of her and letting the kids play with actual leather puppets she made, I told the story of how she had to learn the artform by herself in secret because when she was young puppet carving was only for boys. You can see a dragon puppet from China at the bottom of the photo above. Some of the kids were familiar with this dying artform because it was shown in the new Karate Kid movie!

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