Thursday, March 15, 2012


     BY:NANCY PEREZ            3-15-12
The foil. It's sharp! We folded or taped the edges.
 Today in art  the 5th and 4th graders were engraving copper foil .It was really cool.What I had made was this person looking rite at the sky.At first I thought oh my god how am I going to do this?But by my side was ms.Bridget.And she really did help me a lot.She also taught us how to make the foil look really old.Like a old penny on the streets.We made it old by putting acrylic paint.To make the copper foil work you need to use a pencil or any sharp thing you want.Just make sure you don't press to hard or it mite go threw and will not work. Caution please be careful with the sharp ends kids under 6 can not use the copper foil.Anyways to days was really fun!I really like Art and i hope i could be just like Ms.Bridget.Thank you for reading my blog Nancy Perez out peace.
We put felt underneath, so we were able to push into the foil with pencils.

Pushing our design into the back of the foil, since we can't really carve into metal right now!
Painting over our artwork. We scrubbed most of it off once it was dry.

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