Monday, March 5, 2012

Art Buddies! A Lesson on "Snail Mail"

My dining room floor last weekend...

After several weeks of working on coordinating an exchange of letters and drawings between students at the Lee, Academy, and Holmes Schools, I've realized many kids are unfamiliar with the concept of writing a letter, "giving it away", and getting one back days or a week later. My clumsy "system" of exchange hasn't helped any, but this week saw some of the first real exchanges. I hope the delay caused by my insisting on matching kids up that I could actually imagine being friends pays off. Of course, the youngest kids, non-judgemental and so eager to make new friends, are ecstatic. I wish I had the camera running when I handed out mail to Holmes first graders today, from their buddies at Lee Academy. Here are some highlights:

If these letters are pending contracts, we will have lots of BFF's come out of this project.
Older students exchanged their photographic portraits, and the younger students each got a bracelet with their buddy's name written on it in addition to trading drawings. At the family night next week, they hope to find and meet their buddies. I'm hoping to have a mini "portrait studio" set up so pairs can choose to create a portrait together.

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