Thursday, March 22, 2012


My name is Ema and I just did a project that is called a "mandala". What you need to get is paper and paint. Then you cut the paper into an octagon. Then you put the paint on to the paper. Then you fold the paper eight times. Then you see what will happen. It will turn into a design. It's very simple to do. warning children under 3 can not use the paint.

Unseasonably hot, sunny days always make for difficult school days... by afterschool hours some of the kids are really exhausted and antsy. Add MCAS testing all week... yikes! Poor kids!  I had to throw in some shiny, messy, easy projects everyone could enjoy even if they walked in the door cranky or stressed out. We even had the lights out. I found this project here on YouTube, and showed the kids this video of Tibetan monks creating a sand mandala. It's never been so quiet in the art room! They really seemed captivated by that amazing process. I felt good about showing them how YouTube can be used for instructions, inspiration, and learning stuff - not just goats in trees and music videos.
P.S. I don't know where these age recommendations are coming from, but I love it.

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