Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Cutting Like It's Our Job, at Holmes.

Up the sleeve and down the hair?! Some serious scissor skills.

Today's cutting posse - today's group cut out over 15 drawings!

Hi my name is Briana
Today we used markers, scissors, pencils, tape, and paper.
Ms.Bridget is a nice art teacher I will like to be a art teacher when I grow up .
Ms.Bridget likes to use paint, markers, scissors, Drawing, and writing. I will like to do that stuff too.
Especially scissors. She taught us tips.
The first step was chop chop chop.
The second step was keep your elbow in.
And the Third step was was go in for the trim, keep the stuff on the left.

We are in the final hours of getting ready for family night on Wednesday. The last task is to get every (enlarged) self-portrait cut out and pasted onto a background painted by Lee Academy kids. Oh yeah - and find the background painted by the Lee Academy kids. Hope we get some families and neighborhood visitors at our event! 

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