Wednesday, March 14, 2012

The Big Night!

It wasn't easy to find oneself in the crowd! 

"I found mine! That's my picture!!"

A portrait: Devon from Lee and Briana from Holmes. Nice poses, interesting composition, and different gazes!

The pieces of Dorchester finally came together!

We didn't get too many buddy matches - but portraits with old friends is fun, too!

A soccer game kept a few highly-anticipated meetings between buddies from happening tonight, but Quordell and Devon finally met, after wandering the crowd calling each other's names! DFSI did a great job throwing a great event, the fleet of volunteers did tons of work for us (with friendly smiles), and so many families came out to enjoy it. I even got to see some of the Lee girls step, the Academy kids did a killer Zumba number, and the youngest Holmes group sang! Here's a tiny clip. 
(Sorry so short! Don't blink!) 

Thanks to all the parents and grandparents who came by to marvel at the creations. We hope you keep up with the blog! See you soon!

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