Thursday, May 24, 2012

Mrs. Beautiful's good blogs LOL.

Hi my name is Tanzania and i am 9 years old. Today what we did is collage. Today what i made is a flower, a train, a t shirt, a leg and a N for my nickname. It is fun to do art in Ms.Bridget's class because we get to do fun things that she teaches us. She is soooooooo fun to do art with. SHE ROCKS THE ART ROOM. She is the best art teacher ever in the hole wide world. That is all about my art making. LOL.

My crew once again stayed for art for over an hour (*instead of going outside*) to finish their work. I kind of refused to let them make stuff that wasn't particularly creative, since we only have another week or so left - I wanted to see how far they've come. At the start of class, they noticed the scrap copier paper I put out had a coloring page on the back of it. If I'd had markers in the room, we'd have had 15 lion-masks. Everyone said they wanted to color it, and promised to cut it out and glue it to a piece of construction paper "so it's a collage." I know whining is not supposed to work - I say so every week - but I whined a lot and, well, it worked. I finally know these artists enough to be able to push them without angering or hurting their feelings. Today I saw the kind of self-fulfillment every teacher hopes for - the kids could not look around the room and not be impressed. It was quiet and focused, and boy, were they thinking out of the box! Weaving, folding, pop-ups, cards, cut-outs... a proud day.
 I will miss these guys!!!
Glad I had some post-it notes in my bag...

I wish Nelson had more time today - he worked for quite some time on this cool collage and insisted that tape was necessary for his vision... glad I gave in and let him get some! I hope he finishes this - Sounds awesome!

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