Thursday, May 10, 2012

more more more.

Our names are Mikaela and Kayla we are working on puppets in our art class.The puppets were made by the original class by Ms.Bridget.The puppets were cool,funny,and us and our puppets had some very funny moments. We made a puppet show and all the puppets were unique in their own special way.The puppet show made us laugh out loud a lot .The puppets were made by hand by each special person and their puppets were also special like all of the students.The puppets had very very cool features like adding cool clothes, the cool hair, and even cool facial features.You think you heard everything but you haven't heard anything yet. Some of the puppets were even pirates and even one of a kind. All the art I have been learning about in art was amazing sooooo! I made the most amazing cool funny fun happy puppets in art class with all of my friends.
Bye thankz you for reading!!!!!!!!

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