Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Colors and Collage

The "dot dot dot" method. 
hello my name is mason.
today we did collages with construction paper and school glue.
Most of us decorated envelopes.
We had calming music and it helped me concentrate.
Now i am just concentrated on eating that starburst! 
(sincere smile) (it was the end of the session and in order to keep the boys from distracting Mason, I was playing a math quiz game with Starburst as the grand prize. I think my strategy backfired!)
Freeform collage with glue nostrils.

This artist was sliding around another rectangle underneath the house, deciding on the perfect composition.

This artist requested a Critique so he could share his work. He explained the symbolism of some of the shapes in his abstract collage, in response to a question. The relaxing music inspired use of cool muted colors and wavy shapes. He announced his intention to donate the piece to kids at the Children's Hospital. We're mailing it this week.

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