Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Felt Magic at Lee Academy

Today Ms. Bridget and Ms. Dey brought back the pom poms Ms.Vina's class loved to play with so much, along with lots of felt. The problem is, those pom poms really aren't good for much without hot glue, and this class is too young to have those around! Then we remembered... felt doesn't need any glue! Ms. Dey is an expert shape-cutter and made tons of fun colorful shapes. When Ms.Bridget held up a sheet of felt, stuck a felt triangle to it, AND IT STAYED THERE, the crowd went wild! They made shape collages they can change over and over - great for this tactile-group! They rolled up their pictures like a burrito to take home. No mess!

Pat pat pat...

It sticks! A boat on the ocean.
Overlapping shapes piled high!

(When the noise level CAN NOT come down on days like today, we channel our voices into song!)

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