Thursday, January 26, 2012

Self-Portraits for a collaborative Mural!

Overcoming the BLANK PAGE...
Today we worked on drawing a little bit about ourselves so the kids at the Holmes School can know more about us. Maybe we can make some friends with the Holmes School kids. The kids at the Holmes School are doing the same thing. So we get to know them, and they get to know us. It's fun doing this. - Diana

Today in art we did drawings of things that we want to, or a face portrait. We also got a chance to take our clay pots home. I was so happy that we could take our things home. - Antonio

These artists are SERIOUS!
I suggested to the artists that we can use art to connect to kids at the "other" school, so maybe new friendships or just knowing more people in the neighborhood would make for a more peaceful community. We are going to swap photographic self-portraits, to pair kids up. We'll send our "art buddy" a note of positive feedback about their portrait, and try to find them using their picture at a family event for both schools in March. The self-portrait drawings we did today, if all goes well, will be blown up using a projector onto a large mural, putting kids artwork from both schools side-by-side. That part is kind of abstract, even with a sketch of what the final product could look like - I think once we trace a few onto the big paper, it will make more sense. For today, they just enjoyed drawing!

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