Tuesday, January 17, 2012

CLAY at Holmes

Good evening everybody Tequawn and I are learning how to  make bowls with clay. well this particular clay is not ordinary.  this clay is  $50 dollars so you have to take care of this clay. It's red.  but let me talk about the clay. It's very squeezey.  So what I did is stick my thumb in the middle and I squeezed it and mushed it out like it’s a bowl and I put my two hands in the water, soaked it up and I rubbed it out a little and I liked essed it out you know what I mean…so um.. Ms.Briget started bringing these kind of things  that were use in a game so I asked her are you sure? These things will get messed up with the clay and get all over the place! So I made a bowl and so have a good night now. I hope you enjoyed my part now it's going to be Tequawn's turn. Here you go Tequawn.
Yeah good evening everybody me and Devina were making bowls with clay. To make the bowl you make it in to a ball in then push a hole in it in then you mush it into a bowl and good by everybody.

My name is Taria and I am in 3rd grade.I am 9 years old.My group is the almighty sharks and we are almighty.Today we used clay and we mostly made pots.First you have to knead it and add water to make it softer.Then you make it into a shape and just create. What makes clay easier than drawing with a marker or pencil is that when you mess up you can just start over with it again.
Artists used metal stamps to press their initials into their vessels.

...and here's video of our youngest group exploring the clay. I hope it inspires you to let kids finish sharing their thoughts, even when it takes a while!

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