Saturday, January 14, 2012

Abstract @ Lee

Group 1 Thursday...
Hello my name is Amani Sumpter and i am 11 year old and Im Sharline Beechman and Im 11 years old and today in art we did abstract art with oil pastels. Today Amani use tape to smudge the pastel. And 
Sharline used the same thing with oil pastel but i did squares, circles and other random shapes. 
That was all. Thank you for reading this blog by Amani Sumpter and Sharline Beechman. 

Group 2 Thursday...
Hi my name is  Shalysha and i'm 11 years old and today in art we used oil pastels and we all used are minds and tried to be creative and what that got us to was great! i had to rub the oil pastels on the plastic and when were done we put the paper under it to have our artwork pop out. This day was fun. I liked it!
(Shalysha was one of the stars in the Marker Song video)

I'm elated to say we have a REAL art room to use for our program now at Lee Elementary! Nice tables with only two kids side by side at each means plenty of room and a lot more focus than was possible in our last room. We are so lucky!  And the new, clear behavior agreements continue to work wonders. I see CLAY in our future...

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