Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Soft Sculptures!

Ms. Dey and I busted out the most fluffy, fun, colorful supplies we could find and challenged the artists to  create something - anything - with them! This is harder than it sounds - there were no examples of crafts to copy. Instead, kids had to get their hands on the materials, experiment and play, imagine, and problem solve. True creativity at work...
Popsicle sticks, PomPoms, beads, pipcleaners, feathers, and a wad of dough. No glue, no tape, no samples...GO!
Ms. Martine's class at Lee Academy were a smiley bunch!

We showed the video of last week's puppet shows to a sold-out crowd in Lee Elementary... the stars of the show couldn't believe their work was on the internet!!! 
"Over a THOUSAND!!!"

Then we presented the soft sculpture challenge to this crew. We added felt to the mix. Again, no glue, no tape, just experimenting and engineering! Check out all of the different approaches and solutions these artists found! We love it!

Sophie the guitar. 
And what would an entry be without some video?
Luis and Luis present...

..and an interactive piece by Steven! Sports Sculpture!

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