Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Holmes closes out shadow puppet madness...

I finally found a video fellow educator Gail Wang and I put together of our visit to Houma, China, to meet a master shadow puppet maker. All of the groups were pretty captivated - especially by the violent and absurd battle scene showed in one clip of a real puppet show in China...

Then everyone finished their puppets (some even started new ones) and got a shot behind the screen.

Some artists added on to the basic shape... wings!

Adding legs.

Fancy "LOL" shirt. Details were added by poking holes in the paper.
It's all fun and games till someone loses an arm...

LASTLY, some candid shots taken by our group photographer, Devontae:

Mr.Wega's group is definitely a creative crew. Everyone thinks outside of the box, and I can show them how to do something for themselves, and they'll work through it until it works. Here are some of their puppets, below. Special thanks to Materials Specialist, Michael, for his extra work in addition to focusing on his own project!

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