Saturday, December 31, 2011

"Me" Posters at Lee

My name is Aria. I made a big poster in art. I drew a creative picture. You should sit with people you're comfortable that you don't fight with, to get more done and have fun doing your art.

It's been really cool to see  Lee students feel focused, inspired, and confident enough about their ideas to approach me after finishing and ask if they can do something artistic that has nothing to do with the project of the day. "Ms. Bridget, do you have any construction paper? Can I use a ruler? Is this a design?" I love it and it's a marker of success in my eyes.


The blue guy to the right illustrates another process-breakthrough. This artist was SO proud of his work. "Check your spelling there. 'Awesome" is a tricky one." (Lesson learned - when someone suggests you write your word on another piece of paper to copy from, she's talking from experience!) A typical exchange: "OH MAN.... what can I do?" "Work with it. This is where creativity saves the day." Just as proud as the first time around, the poster comes back with a higher-contrast color right over the blue mess up. Yes, you are awesome.

What great messages someone is offering these artists. "I am beautiful just the way I am, I love myself, I am Yo Soy Latino, I'm unique"...

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