Saturday, October 15, 2011

Introduction, by Bridget.

Hi everyone. It's only a couple of days before my first day at the Holmes School. I can't wait to meet the kids there (and I'm a little nervous)! I'll spend a couple of hours with one age group, then on Tuesday, I'll meet the other group. Wednesday and Thursdays I'll do the same over at Lee Elementary.
I'm hoping to help create a time and space for everyone to be able to use their creativity to express themselves, get to know themselves, and connect with each other. That can be hard to do in a busy or loud place, or around people you feel shy around. Art making around others takes trust and respect - so I think in the beginning we'll take some time to get to know each other and learn to talk to someone about their artwork (and whatever else we share) in supportive ways. I also hope to give the kids a space to practice "thinking for themselves" - to let them figure things out, solve problems, and discover things by experimenting - I think that's what creativity is really about. Even if a kid in the program doesn't think of themselves as an artist, I want them to feel sure that their ideas are important, their uniqueness is their strength, and that by using their creativity however they choose, they can change the world they live in.
I hope you enjoy our blog!

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