Thursday, October 20, 2011

First Day at the Lee School

Fourth and Fifth Grade group:
My name is Nai Nai and Jennixsa and today we met Ms. Bridget and we talked about art and we agreed to be respectful and try our best on drawing. On our Artist's Bio we said things that work for me like working with other people but not getting distracted. We hope this year in the art club we get to express our feelings on paper and get to work with new art materials we never got to use.
Third and Fourth grade group:
We are here today and our names are Jamereea and Sharline and we are writing an art blog for our art class and the world to see. Today we did an artist bio and basically this is a paper that has questions on it about us as artists and some of the questions were:  “What do you like about art, how old are you, what art utensils do you like to use", and numerous questions. Also we met our new art teacher Mrs. Bridget. Furthermore we aren’t just kids to her we are artists. I can tell this will be a fun class.
(From Bridget: Today's Materials Specialist and some other helpers did an amazing job organizing our supplies, moving tables and desks around, and cleaning up the classroom that we will call our Art Studio! We can't wait to decorate! I'm also really inspired by the Artist's Bio's. These artists have a good sense of who they are and how they want to grow as artists this year.)

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